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Around the world, nonprofit organizations work to ensure basic human rights, and to provide education, medical, disaster relief and other services.

Your time, efforts and financial support will be an enormous benefit to those struggling for international relief and peace.

If you have an idea of how you'd like to help, use the TOPIC SEARCH on the left.

If you're not sure where to start, try one of the issues below. Many of these programs are projects of NetAid, an organization founded to mobilize support for a variety of international causes.

  • Afghan Relief — Help people in Afghanistan rebuild their communities, from basic health care, education, and other essential services.
  • African Development — What you can do to empower Africa to end poverty, fight AIDS, and bolster economic growth.
  • Back to School with NetAid —Education for all children by 2015.
  • Breaking the Silence — A NetAid Program.
    Take action to prevent the spread of HIV in developing countries, and provide care for the infected.
  • Crisis in Sudan — Help bring vital relief supplies to those who suffering.
  • East Timor — Learn more about the world's newest nation and the humanitarian and relief issues it now faces.
  • Famine — Niger faces an acute food shortage in West Africa. Help today.
  • Human Rights — Use your right to make a difference to help those who can't.
  • International Peace — Help make the dream of peace on earth a reality.
  • International Relief — Provide relief around the world to those suffer from natural disasters, war and famine.
  • Iraq: Humanitarian Relief — Help provide food, clean water, and emergency supplies to Iraq.
  • Iraq: Support U.S. Troops — Show your support for troops in the Middle East.
  • Landmines — Help save lives through landmine awareness.
  • NetAid World Schoolhouse — Make a resolution to join the fight against poverty.
  • Online Volunteering — A UN initiative.
    Use your talents via the Internet to help organizations serving the developing world.
  • Pandemic: Facing AIDS — Help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and improve the quality of care for those already infected.
  • Tolerance & Diversity — Join the struggle for international religious tolerance and cultural diversity.
  • Tsunami Recovery — Help organizations dedicated to rebuilding the areas affected.
  • World Population — Learn more about the effects of population growth, and what you can do to avert crises around the world.


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