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The Global Population: A Growing Concern

Everyday, the world's population grows. And every day that increasing population brings with it new challenges to ensure every human born on the planet is well-fed, has access to clean water, and can live a peaceful, prosperous life. Global population growth is a global challenge, affecting us here even in the United States as we feel the repercussions of explosive growth in poor countries around the world. Take action now to learn about our expanding world population and what you can do, though your donations, volunteering, and activism to help those working to avert population crises around the world.

It took thousands of years for the human population to reach 2.5 billion in 1950, and less than 50 years to more than double to 6 billion.
By 2050, it's estimated the world population will be between 7.3 and 10 billion.
Rapid population growth in poor countries has caused degradation of land, water and natural resources.
Get more facts and statistics from Population Action International.

Make A Donation
Make a global impact with your financial contribution.

Donate to one of the organizations below, or search for another related charity.

Population Action International
Raising awareness & support for population programs.

Centre for Development and Population Activities
Empowering women to be the foundation for social change.

Population Connection
Education and action for a better world.

Population Institute
Working to balance world population with a healthy global environment.

United States Committee for the United Nations Population Fund
Formulating population strategies for sustainable development.

Population Media Center
Improving the health and well being of people around the world.

Population Council
Helping achieve a balance between people and resources.

World Resources Institute
Protecting the planet and improving people's lives.

Be A Volunteer
Volunteer your time at home — or overseas.

Volunteer with one of these organizations, or search for other opportunities.

Cross-Cultural Solutions
Volunteer Work Abroad

Global Action Network
Join an E-Mentoring program to discuss global population.

Find volunteer opportunities in international development.

Going on vacation? Why not volunteer?

Population Connection
Start or join a campus outreach program.

Speak Out
Making a difference has never been easier.

Population Action International
Information on becoming a PAI activist.
Speak Out

Population Institute Action Center
Sign up to receive action alerts.
Speak Out

Population Connection Projects
Ideas for getting involved in population concerns.
Speak Out

Population Connection Action Alerts
Population issues that are in the news right now.
Speak Out

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