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Teaching Tolerance, Living Together: Tolerance and Diversity in the US and Abroad

There has never been a better time for teaching the value of tolerance. As the world grows closer together, friction between races, religions, and peoples sometimes seems inevitable — yet if we make the commitment to learn about each other before we judge, we find we have more in common than different. The dark shadows of genocide, slavery and fear can be dispelled. It takes time, and it takes effort: Effort that Americans of all backgrounds and races are making for themselves and their children.

Help teach tolerance here in the United States and around the world. Below you'll find organizations that work every day to bridge the chasms between people and to promote understanding in the places that need it the most. Support their efforts through your donation and by volunteering your time and your voice — and show tolerance is more than an idea, it's a human right.

How You Can Help

You can join in the struggle for religious tolerance and diversity by taking action today to support museums, schools, historical societies, foster care programs and more.

Make A Donation
Make a donation to support organizations working toward religious tolerance and diversity.

Review the organizations below or search for other charities that promote tolerance.

The Kindertransport Association

Leadership Conference on Civil Rights

A Living Memorial to the Holocaust Museum of Jewish Heritage

Facing History

Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation
(Southern Poverty Law Center)

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

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