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Arts and Culture

Nonprofit organizations that support arts and culture help to preserve the past, share the present and imagine the future.

These organizations need your help, whether your support is in the form of a donation, your time as a volunteer, or speaking out on the causes that matter most. Every dollar you donate and every minute of volunteer time will make a difference.

If you already have an idea how you'd like to help, use the TOPIC SEARCH on the left.

If you're not sure where to start, try one of the issues below.

  • Arts in Education — Keep the arts alive in your community. Work to keep art and music in our schools.
  • Black History — Help to educate America on past and present issues.
  • Gay Pride — Learn more about organizations for gays and lesbians — and their families.
  • Historic Travel — Get information on preserving our historical and cultural heritage.
  • Literacy — Work to improve literacy rates in the U.S.
  • Media — Use the power of the media to transform and enrich the lives of children.
  • Museums — Support the institutions that showcase and preserve our history and culture.
  • Summer Arts & Culture — Cool off with a dose of culture this summer. Support your community arts.
  • Women's History — Learn more about women's history, and how to help tomorrow's women.

Learn more about Arts & Culture Nonprofits
The National Center for Charitable Statistics provides details on these types of charities and the public support they receive.


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