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Empowering People through Literacy

More than 20% of adults living in the U.S. read below the fifth grade level, and more than 40% of those with the lowest literacy rates live in poverty. Improving basic skills can have an immediate impact on employment opportunities and general quality of life. And although the federal government provides hundreds of millions of dollars for the effort, it's been estimated that all literacy programs combined serve only a fraction of those in need. The organizations listed below are working to improve literacy rates throughout the U.S., and they need your help.

Make A Donation
Literacy matters. You can help.

Review the organizations below or search for other related charities.

Dyslexia Awareness and Resource Center
Education & training programs

Family Literacy Council
Education & reading programs

Hollywood Education and Literacy Project
Mentoring, tutoring, training & internship programs

Helping children become life-long readers.

Kids Space Foundation
Literacy, artistic & cultural exchange programs

Literacy Volunteers of America, Inc.
Reading & adult continuing education programs

National Mentoring Partnership, Inc.
Training, resources & education programs

Be A Volunteer
With the gift of time, you can make a difference.

Volunteer with one of these organizations or, search for opportunities in your area.

The Literacy Volunteer Connection

Be an In2Books pen pal.

Literacy Volunteers of America
Syracuse, NY 13203

Be a Virtual Volunteer!

Speak Out
Your opinions matter — make them count.

Urge Congress to fully fund the Mentoring for Success Act
Speak Out

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