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Learning More About Breast Cancer

The more you know about breast cancer, the more you can do to detect it, to fight against it, and to find support and comfort among those who are fighting the disease themselves. This page represents just the beginning of the resources available online for knowledge, detection, treatment and support. Knowledge is power: Use it to your advantage today.

The information provided here should not take the place of advice from your personal health care provider.


The facts, stats and information on breast cancer and how the battle against it is waged today.

American Cancer Society
Breast Cancer Facts and Figures 2001-2002
Breast Cancer FAQ

National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations
Facts About Breast Cancer in the USA

National Breast Cancer Coalition
Breast Cancer Fact Sheets

Detection and Prevention

The earlier breast cancer is spotted, the better the survival rate. Here's what you can do.
Tools to Prevent Breast Cancer

Komen Foundation
How to Perform a Breast Self-Examination

National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations
Early Detection of Breast Cancer

New York Online Access to Health
Mammogram Fact Sheet


There are more options than ever for women with breast cancer.

National Cancer Institute
Breast Cancer Treatment

National Comprehensive Cancer Network
Breast Cancer Treatment Guidelines

National Cancer Society
Preparing for Treatment
What's New in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment?


Reaching out can help cancer patients and survivors — as well as family and friends.
Emotional Recovery and Renewal

Cancer Care
Support services for cancer patients, caregivers, and families

Komen Foundation
Celebrating Survivors

National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations
Family and Caregiver Information

Y-Me National Breast Cancer Organization
Support Services

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