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Parkinson's Disease: Search for a Cure

Parkinson's is a disease of the central nervous system that affects as many as one million Americans. While Parkinson's is generally identified in older people, an estimated 10% of patients report symptoms before the age of 40. Doctors are able to offer a variety of medications and surgical procedures to control the symptoms and help improve quality of life, but the root cause of the disease is still unknown. The organizations listed below are working to find a cure, and they need your help.

Make A Donation
Your gift will help find a cure for Parkinson's disease.

Review the organizations below or search for other related charities.

Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Foundation
Physical medicine & rehabilitation

Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research
Research funding

National Parkinson Foundation, Inc.
Research, diagnostic/therapeutic services & education

National Parkinson Foundation, Inc.

Parkinson's Disease Foundation, Inc.
Research & education

Parkinson's Institute
Clinical research, patient care & education

Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Biomedical research

United Parkinson Foundation
Research nerve, muscle & bone disease

Be A Volunteer
You can make a difference.

Volunteer with one of these organizations or search for opportunities in your area.

The Parkinson's Unity Walk

Speak Out
Add your voice to the cause.

Become an advocate for Parkinson's disease
Speak Out

Sign a petition to get insurance coverage for high-dosage oxygen therapy
Speak Out

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