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Help Victims of Indonesian Earthquake

An earthquake with a magnitude of 8.7 shook Indonesia three months after a somewhat stronger quake triggered a tsunami that caused widespread devastation in the region and killed tens of thousands of people. There are no reports of tsunami waves as a result of the latest earthquakes.

Reports indicate that Nias Island, Simeulue Island and the Banyak islands, located off the southwest coast of Sumatra, are the areas worst affected. The islands’ death toll is reported at about 330, but officials said it could climb as high as 2,000.

The established cooperation among aid agencies and the government of Indonesia is coming to bear allowing them to respond quickly to the needs on the ground. Supply pipelines have been established to meet the emergency and reconstruction efforts underway since the December tsunami.

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Organizations below are responding to the earthquake that struck near the coast of western Indonesia.

To see a more comprehensive list of organizations that were on the ground helping those affected by the December 26th tsunami, click here.

American Jewish World Service
Helped evacuate coastal towns in preparation for a possible tsunami immediately after the earthquake.

Working on relief efforts through a local partner in Nias.

Responding as needed in the areas of food and non-food distribution, health, water and sanitation.

Church World Service
Expediting emergency and medical supplies and water purification resources to victims of the recent earthquake.

International Medical Corps
Sending a team to Nias made up of emergency physicians, a pubic health advisor, and paramedics.

International Rescue Committee
Sending health and logistics specialists with emergency supplies to the southwestern Aceh town of Singkil, which was hit hard by the earthquake.

Operation Blessing
Bringing emergency relief to the unreached survivors living on the outlying islands near Nias.

Sending aid to be split between continuing tsunami response and emergency relief supplies for the island of Nias.

Sending emergency staff to Nias for distribution of aid and make further assessments of the damage.

United Methodist Committee on Relief
Distributing tents and medicines in the affected area and dispatching a paramedic with food and medicines to Nias.

World Vision
Preparing emergency kits for immediate distribution in Nias.

Be A Volunteer
Volunteer your time to make the world a better place.

Volunteer with one of the organizations below, or search for an opportunity near you.

American Red Cross

Citizen Corps
Join your community's Emergency Response Team

Disaster News Network
Browse local volunteer opportunities.

Good Ways to Help
Tips on volunteering in a disaster.

Learn More
Use the resources below to find out more about earthquakes and tsunamis.

Photos of the earthquake's aftermath.
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U.S. Geological Survey
Preliminary Earthquake Report.
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U.S. Geological Survey
How do Earthquakes Form?
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Relief Web
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