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Help Central American Hurricane Victims

The remnants of Hurricane Stan combined with the normal Central American rainy season sent rivers of mud flowing across the central Guatemalan highlands. The landslide is believed to be the worst single disaster in the area; several days of flooding have killed hundreds in Central America and southern Mexico. The survivors are at risk of malnutrition and water borne diseases.

Please make a donation to the relief agencies helping in the rescue operation.

Make a Donation

Please designate your funds to "Hurricane Stan".

  • Mercy Corps

    Providing water and sanitary supplies in the devastated region.


  • World Neighbors

    Helping with survivors' most immediate needs and assessing longer-term assistance.


  • World Vision

    Distributing winter tents, quilts, clothes and water containers in accessible communities.


  • World Emergency Relief

    Distributing tents and relief aid along the El Salvador-Honduras border.


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