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See what donors, partners, supporters and nonprofit organizations are saying about Network for Good.


I recently found your web site when looking for a place to link to so that visitors to my site can find places to help the people suffering as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

I thought your "Katrina" page, gathering together multiple help organizations is an enormously useful resource, and so have added a link to the main page of my web site sending interested visitors to you…

Allan Pearlman

I just want to Thank You and all involved in your organization for facilitating wonderful organizations like Rescue Task Force and so many others in immediate collection & distribution of support & donations. I know you do much more than that including educating & informing via newsletters etc. I just Thank You for making it so easy and using your energies and modern technology for good. I admire you all & am grateful & inspired by your organization.

Michelle Francis

I have never seen such an unbelievable site. I feel so sorry for these thousands of people. I wish I had lots of money or some way to help because god knows I would! But if most people are like me and really no money to send, I would like for you to know I will pray for all of you each day.

Wendy Rawls

Hey! This site is like amazon.com for donations! Fun!

Elizabeth Bober

This was my first experience with on-line donations and I am happy that I chose your link to find out more about the subject. I found the entire transaction super user friendly and felt entirely confident about making a donation to a favorite charity. I know I will be using your site again as there were other charities listed that I have mailed donations to in the past. At the moment I have no suggestions on how to improve your site; just keep up the good work you are doing now to make a site like yours available to anyone who is interested. Thank you.

Network for Good Donor

I am proud to know that accessibility to sending monies to disaster areas has been made so easily by your organization, it says it so profoundly in your title "Network For Good" how about "Network For Great" that's how I feel about your organization…Through your "Network For Good" you have allowed me to do this half way around the world, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and cannot thank you enough for helping the people, who right now, are finding it difficult, if at all to help themselves. Please, keep up the good works.

Jonathan Baird

I think your organization did a great job in making it possible to donate to the Tsunami victims. Best of luck to you.

Elizabeth Worster

Partners & Supporters

Today's marketplace requires nonprofits to compete for attention and resources at unprecedented levels. We invest in Network for Good because it enables even the smallest organizations to attain the technological and fundraising capacity they need to reach people and get results.

Vincent Stehle, Program Officer, Surdna Foundation

At a time of great need, we gave AOL members a way to respond through our How to Help links to Network for Good. The reaction was immediate. At the height of the crisis, Network for Good was processing one donation every two seconds.

Jim Bankoff, Executive Vice President, America Online

By linking Yahoo! News and information to Network for Good, we give people the opportunity to instantly act when they have a desire to help others. The speed of the Internet is transforming the pace of philanthropy.

Murray Gaylord, Vice President Brand Marketing, Yahoo!, Inc

If you look at the face of online giving, you glimpse the future of philanthropy. Network for Good attracts an increasing number of younger donors who contribute at higher levels. The growth we see on the Internet will drive greater impact on the ground, wherever and whenever people need help.

Scott Case, Network for Good Board Chairman

Nonprofit Organizations

Architecture for Humanity

Promoting Architectural Solutions to Global, Social and Humanitarian Crises

Without Network for Good, we would not have been able to work on the ground so quickly. I guess you could say Network for Good was a real lifesaver. [Architecture for Humanity raised $21,000 through its Donate Now button and Network for Good's tsunami relief page].

Cameron Sinclair, Executive Director

Puppies Behind Bars

Training Inmates to Raise Puppies to be Working Dogs

We have found Network for Good to be a reliable, organized and recognized online donation provider. The logo [on our site] signifies a secure transaction that is carried out promptly and professionally. On the receiving end, the reports are easy to use and contain all the pertinent information to help keep our donor database in order.

Annie Losey Teillon, Director of Development

Sankara Eye Foundation

Working Towards The Goal Of 20/20 Vision For The People Of India By 2020

Network for Good has provided Sankara Eye Foundation donors with a reliable and convenient way to support our organization; we have the utmost confidence in this organization.

Murali Krishnamurthy, Chairman

The Worldwide Orphans Foundation

Enriching The Lives and Well Being of Orphans Throughout The World

Network for Good gave us a simple way to fulfill our need for online fundraising and allowed us to maximize the results of our media exposure.

Garth Silberstein, Deputy Executive Director
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