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Tornado Season Blows In

The Tornado Project estimates about 1,000 tornadoes touch down in the United States each year. These dangerous storms kill some 80 Americans each year, and injure about 1,500 others. As severe weather occurs, the likelihood of tornadoes touching down increases. It is important for families to review tornado safety techniques before a tornado hits, emergency management officials advise. Knowing a little bit about tornadoes can save lives.

Tornadoes typically occur with little or no warning, usually taking entire communities by surprise. When a tornado hits, use the resources below to locate emergency relief organizations in your community and nationwide.

Make A Donation
Your gift will provide much-needed aid.

Help locally to the communities hardest hit by this most recent tornado. Use these tools to find local chapters:

American Red Cross
Find a local chapter

Review the organizations below or search for other related charities.

Acts of God
Disaster preparedness and relief

American Red Cross
Disaster services and relief

Mennonite Disaster Service
Disaster relief agency organizing volunteer labor for clean-up and reconstruction

Salvation Army
Local, regional, and national disaster relief programs

Shaklee Cares
People helping people

Be A Volunteer
Donate your time to organizations that provide disaster relief services.

Volunteer with one of these organizations orsearch for opportunities in your area.

American Red Cross
Washington DC 2006

Citizen Corps
Join your community's Emergency Response Team

Disaster News Network
Volunteer Opportunities

Learn More
Get useful information about tornadoes to help you be prepared.

General Information
Information about tornadoes from NOAA.
Learn More

Latest Disaster News
From Disaster News Network.
Learn More

Natural Disaster Safety Tips
From the American Red Cross.
Learn More

Learn More
Test your knowledge of disasters.
Learn More

Additional Emergency Information
From the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
Learn More

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