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Global Population: Learn More

The world population is growing. Grow your knowledge with it.


Population statistics and more for the United States of America.


Browse a comprehensive directory of population-related resources - by organization, by region and country, or by topic within countries.

Population Action International

Why World Population is Still Growing
Despite progress, the world population is still growing by millions each year. Here's why.

Population Connection

The Demographic Facts of Life (PDF)
Fast facts on population and quality of life all around the globe.

Population Media Center

Sixteen Myths About Population
This article addresses many of the misconceptions about population growth around the world.

Population Reference Bureau

World Population: More Than Just Numbers (PDF)
This informative brochure covers the whole range of population issues in a light and easy-to-follow style.

Population Information Datafinder
Detailed data on population and other figures from more than 220 countries.

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