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Drugs in America — Hope in a Nationwide Crisis

Drugs and their effects can reach into every corner of our nation. We're used to tales of drug use in cities, but even in rural America, use of methamphetamine (also called "crank") is on the rise, posing risks to users and their small-town communities. Wherever you are, it's time to learn about the drugs that impact your community — and learn about the ways you can make a stand against them, through education, treatment, and by contributing to those who work to bring the scourge of drugs to an end. Just say yes... to making a difference.

Find a substance treatment facility near you:

Visit the Treatment Facility Locator
Call 1-800-662-HELP (4357)
Get more treatment information

Source: Office of National Drug Control Policy

Make A Donation
Help those working to stop the influence of drugs.

Support one of the following, or search for another related charity.

Citizens Against Drug Impaired Drivers.

Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America
Working to create safe, healthy, drug-free communities.

DARE America
Drug Abuse Resistance Education

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence
Fighting the stigma of alcoholism & drug addiction.

National Families in Action
Fight drug abuse among young people.

National Family Partnership
Nurturing the potential of drug-free youth

Partnership for a Drug-Free America
Help kids and teens reject substance abuse.

Students Against Destructive Decisions
Students helping students make positive choices.

Be A Volunteer
Need help? Want to help?

Volunteer with one of these organizations below or search for a related opportunity.

Get involved at home, at school, and in your community.

Connect with and develop anti-drug coalitions where you live.

i-Count Advisors
A peer-support program to help teens and pre-teens stay drug-free.

Narcotics Anonymous
One of the oldest treatment programs for drug addition.

National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign
Contribute to anti-drug programs in your community.

Speak Out
Speak up on the issue of drug abuse. Use the resources below to get started today.

Join Together Online

Take action against substance abuse.
Speak Out

10 Rules for Influencing Policy
Speak Out

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence

Join the fight against drug abuse.
Speak Out

Get tips on how to be an effective advocate
Speak Out

National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign
Be a youth leader or mentor
Speak Out

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