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Feeling Great, Getting Fit

Young, old, man or woman, physical fitness matters: It gives you the energy you need to get through the day and offers substantial long-term health and quality of life benefits. In fact, research has shown that by getting more fit through diet and exercise, we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from developing serious medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers. Not sure where to begin? The resources below provide information and fitness strategies for everyone, plus donation and volunteer links that let you get even more engaged in getting — and staying — fit.

Make A Donation
Support these organizations that promote physical fitness.

Donate to one of the charities listed below, or search for another related charity.

Active Aging
Aiding older people to live more active lives.

American Council on Exercise
Enriching quality of life through exercise.

American Heart Association
Working to reduce disability & save lives from heart disease.

National Institute for Fitness and Sport
Enhancing human health through education & service.

Project Fit America
Promoting health & fitness to school age children.

Shape Up America
Educating the public on importance of physical activity.

Be A Volunteer
Lead by example. Be a volunteer and help others get fit.

Volunteer with one of these organizations, or search for another opportunity.

American Council on Exercise
Join a FitKids team.

50-Plus Association
Volunteer with fitness programs for people over 50.

Project Fit America
Participate in a Station Star Challenge

Walk to School Day
Organize a Walk to School Event.

Help kids in your community get active.

Speak Out
Take the first step toward a more active lifestyle. Use these resources to get started.

Join the Be Active for Life Program
Speak Out

Healthy People 2010
A challenge to ensure good health.
Speak Out

Johns Hopkins Medical Center
Cardiovascular health information for kids.
Speak Out

Office of the Surgeon General
Call to action to prevent & decrease obesity.
Speak Out

PE Central
The latest information on health & physical education.
Speak Out

Powerful Bones. Powerful Girls.
National Bone Health Campaign.
Speak Out

Helping kids find activities they like to do.
Speak Out

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