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Clean air for everyone
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Air Pollution: Learn More

Around the world, people are becoming more concerned about air pollution, a leading cause of asthma, lung cancer and allergies. You can make a difference by driving cars with lower emissions, removing pollutants from your homes, supporting charities that promote cleaner air, and speaking out on clean air campaigns. The organizations listed below are working to research the causes of air pollution, educate the public and make sure that future generations get the chance to breathe fresh air.

Breathing dirty air? About 50% of the nation is!

Use the Local Air Checker to learn about the state of the air in your community.

Source: American Lung Association

Make A Donation
Your gift will help clean and protect the air we breathe.

Acid Rain Retirement Fund
Education/Pollution Abatement & Control

American Lung Association

Coalition for Clean Air

Inform, Inc.
Pollution Abatement & Control

Izaak Walton League of America, Inc.
Natural Resource Conservation & Protection

Mothers For Clean Air

Sierra Club Foundation
Education/Natural Resource Conservation & Protection

Worldwatch Institute
Research/Environmental Protection & Beautification

Be A Volunteer
Spend your time helping to end air pollution.

American Lung Association


Speak Out
Your opinions matter — make them count.

American Lung Association
Defend the Clean Air Act!
Speak Out

California Coalition for Clean Air - Action Alerts
Speak Out

Environmental Defense Action Network
Speak Out

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