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Train Volunteers Online

Complement your orientation program with online resources. Develop online orientation materials to help volunteers get a better sense of what is expected of them and let them learn from peers. This approach will not replace your offline orientation or training, but it can enhance it. Volunteers may also be better informed and prepared by the time they arrive to start volunteering.

For example, the Global Citizens for Change Web site (www.citizens4change.org/virtual_tour.htm) provides personal stories and a virtual tour to help prospective volunteers understand what it might be like to serve overseas, how they would have to prepare, and how it might feel to come home after living abroad.

If you normally conduct training for your volunteers, consider developing online courses to provide training to those who are not able to attend sessions in person. Courses could combine written manuals with Web-based chats, bulletin boards, and conferencing.

To learn more about posting volunteer opportunities online, click here.

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