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Recruit Volunteers Online

Your Web site can be a great place to recruit volunteers. Post volunteer opportunities, and add an online form that allows prospective volunteers to tell you about their interests, skills, and availability. The information from this form should be received and responded to promptly by your volunteer managers. Potential volunteers should also be assured the form is secure and that their personal information will be kept private.

You may also be able to find online volunteer matching at your local volunteer center, as well as specialized matching services that connect volunteers with specific technical skills with organizations' needs.

To learn more about posting volunteer opportunities online, click here.

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Capture Attention
-Ease of use/navigation
-Dynamic content
-Interactive functionality
Drive to Action
-Strong messages
-Push content and actions to users
-Clear paths to action
-Build e-mail subscriber lists
Nurture Interest
-Dynamic content
-Close the loop on actions
-Tease to next action

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