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Step 1: Register with GuideStar

Register your organization with the GuideStar Information System. Nonprofits who have not updated their basic information currently in the GuideStar database will not be able to collect donations directly from their own Web sites using the Network for Good Giving System. If you previously updated your information, continue to Step 2.

To register with GuideStar, enter your 9-digit Employer Identification Number (EIN):

If you are already registered, continue to Step 2.

Step 2: Read our Giving System Agreement

Before you can use the Network for Good Giving System you must ACCEPT AND AGREE to all of the terms and conditions set forth in the Network for Good Network for Good Giving System Agreement, a binding agreement governing the relationship between you and Network for Good. Network for Good reserves the right to terminate the Agreement for any reason, including but not limited to cancellation of the "Donate Now" link feature or in anticipation of making modifications to the Network for Good Web site or the Network for Good Giving System Agreement.

» Read Agreement

Step 3: Create Your Network for Good URL

NOTE: Please ask your Web site administrator to complete this step. It requires basic knowledge of HTML.

To create a Web address for your link, simply add your organization's EIN (Employer Identification Number) to the end of the following URL. The URL will only be active if your GuideStar Information Form has been submitted and approved. Please also note that the Donate Now URL should be linked to directly and not inserted into a frameset.

(Example: http://www.guidestar.org/partners/networkforgood/donate.jsp?ein=94-3333928)

Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words, so we've created images for use with collecting donations through the Network for Good Giving System. Right-click on the image below that you'd like to use to save it. After saving the image, simply upload the image to your own Web site and use it with the link to your nonprofit's donation page. We recommend adding a small test donation to your giving cart to see how the Donate Now process works. By testing the donation process, your organization will automatically be added into the Network for Good database, allowing you to sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer and access the Donation Tracking Report.

Below is an example of the HTML format when using both the Network for Good image with your nonprofit's donation page Web address.

<a href=" http://www.guidestar.org/partners/networkforgood/donate.jsp?ein=94-3333928">
< img src="donatenowlogo1.gif" alt=" Donate Now Through Network for Good">

NEW!! Holiday Donate Now Buttons

Donate Now

Donate Now

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Donate Now
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Apply for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

If your organization wishes to receive donation payments made to your charity as a direct funds transfer into your bank account, we ask you to go through the simple process of applying for EFT (electronic funds transfer).

» Apply for EFT

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