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Step 4: Select Your Internet Tools

Translate all this campaign planning into tangible Internet tools that you will employ to launch your campaign. This tangible stage will help you figure out what financial and human resources you'll need to create your campaign. Determine whether you have the resources to do all the work in-house, or if you will need to contract some of it out. If you do need outside help, consider vendor costs. And finally, create a schedule and estimate how much time it will take to get it all done.

What Tools Do I Need?

The tools you'll need to launch your online campaign could include:

  • Additional Web pages or material specific to the campaign. For the holidays, you may want to consider holiday-specific imagery or content that would appeal to your audiences.
  • A special edition of your e-newsletter. Think: timely and actionable information.
  • An e-mail blast to your selected audience to launch your campaign.
  • Online donations capability. Use Network for Good's special holiday edition Donate Now buttons.
  • Festive online e-cards that can be sent and forwarded to anyone.
  • An interactive presentation

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Capture Attention
-Ease of use/navigation
-Dynamic content
-Interactive functionality
Drive to Action
-Strong messages
-Push content and actions to users
-Clear paths to action
-Build e-mail subscriber lists
Nurture Interest
-Dynamic content
-Close the loop on actions
-Tease to next action

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