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Step 3: Define Your Goals

Clearly define the outcomes you are trying to achieve and how you will measure your success in reaching them. If you are doing a financial appeal, decide how often you plan to contact your audience(s), and how you plan to follow up with them post-appeal.

Determine what metrics and data points will help you evaluate whether the campaign has worked. For example, you might count dollars collected as a start, the number of new e-mail addresses added to your e-newsletter list, the number of people who sent an e-card, or the number of visits to your Web site.

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Capture Attention
-Ease of use/navigation
-Dynamic content
-Interactive functionality
Drive to Action
-Strong messages
-Push content and actions to users
-Clear paths to action
-Build e-mail subscriber lists
Nurture Interest
-Dynamic content
-Close the loop on actions
-Tease to next action

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