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Step 2: Translate to the Internet

An online fundraising campaign allows you to take advantage of tools that a traditional direct mail campaign can't offer. For example, you might want to urge people to read an article online, download a screensaver, sign a petition, send an e-mail to a friend, view a video, or listen to a sound clip.

If you're also doing a direct mail fundraising appeal, how is your online appeal connected to it? Make sure you have a clear sense of how and when the online and offline components will all fit together.

Developing a specific schedule and timeline to follow will be critical for success. Consider creating a demonstration and testing it out on colleagues, friends or family before you launch the campaign.

Be aware of potential hurdles you may face, take the necessary steps to clear them:

Impediments to Online Donation Potential Remedies
Lack of defined process to acquire and retain donors online Organized approach to targeting, acquiring, and retaining online donors
Privacy concerns Prominent privacy policy
Lack of trust Brand, reputation. Positive coverage in media.
Lack of awareness High profile placement, advertising, marketing, word of mouth
Security concerns (e.g. credit card processing) Privacy and security assurances

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Capture Attention
-Ease of use/navigation
-Dynamic content
-Interactive functionality
Drive to Action
-Strong messages
-Push content and actions to users
-Clear paths to action
-Build e-mail subscriber lists
Nurture Interest
-Dynamic content
-Close the loop on actions
-Tease to next action

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