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Welcome to Network for Good's Giving Season Guide. We present this guide as a way to help you navigate through the busy end-of-year giving season, a time when the bulk of charitable giving occurs. Here, you will find information on:

Thank You

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Learn how to implement a successful fundraising campaign for the giving season, and how you can use it to build your strategy for 2006 and beyond.
» Donations

Volunteers help charities extend their missions and realize their goals. Find out how to recruit volunteers online during the holidays and all year 'round.
» Volunteers

Marketing Your Campaign
Get the message out to your current and prospective donors and volunteers Here are some useful tips on how get the most out of your campaign.
» Marketing

•  Winter is a time of need:
The coldest months of the year are hardest on homeless people, seniors living alone, poor children and families.

The holidays are a time for compassion:
Donors are most likely to give during the holiday season.

Tax benefits:
Giving before year's end provides a tax deduction in the current year.
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